Nico Company

NICO 40 years history

NICO is an Company leading the market of environmental protection in relation with the refineries, power plants and petrochemical industrial operations

NICO SpA was founded in 1977 by Dr. Giovanni Balistreri, through a joint partnership between NICO Service and Borg Service GmbH, in order to create a specialized company primarily focusing on services for the petrochemical industry.

NICO Since then, it has operated wherever refineries, chemical groups and heavy industry are to be found.

Today NICO S.p.a. (“NICO” or “Company”) is an Italian Company leading the market of environmental protection services in relation with the refineries, power plants and petrochemical industrial operations, such as Reclamation of contaminates sites, Cleaning and reclamation of existing sites, Decommissioning activities, Oil Recovery and Waste minimization and transport of special waste.

NICO S.p.a. is present in all refining and petrochemical plants located within Italy, and has over 40 years of experience all around Europe.

The Company relies on highly qualified technical staff: mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and many specialized operators engaged in various activities in chemical plants, refineries, and power plants.

Forty years of experience in this sector and the daily contacts with different and continuous changing industrial scenarios, have led to a different growth of our company, which has developed other activities such as centrifugation and treatment & disposal of industrial waste.

NICO with detailed surveys and planning activities, is able to offer the most appropriate reclamation techniques in relation to the specific issue, preferring on site intervention as the entail technology with minor environmental impact and the easiest tolerate by the clients.

NICO S.p.a. is located in Italy and further to its main headquarters and workshop in Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa), it also has a sub-office in Milano.

NICO believes in close customer proximity and systematic specialization according to its customers’ wishes.

Our main objective is to supply highly specialized services to all Clients within the chemical and Oil&Gas industries in Italy, Europe and all over the World.

Where there is the need to have a partner who helps and supports you to solve your environmental problems, NICO is the right company able to satisfy all needs.

NICO is among the leading industrial service companies in Europe.

We are an innovative family business that combines traditional human values with modern entrepreneurship, sophisticated and latest technologies, inspiring leadership and a proactive attitude. We are a reliable partner capable of creating worldwide added value with a broad range of services in a many technical disciplines in more than one technical field, while making optimal use of the synergy between the NICO Group companies.

NICO stands for a healthy yield, continuity, working safely and a socially responsible business.

Responsibility and honesty are the cornerstones of our company culture.

No matter what country or field of business we are active in, our actions are always oriented towards legal regulations and ethical and moral principles.

Our business activities are based on our Corporate Compliance Guidelines and our management teams and employees are obliged to adhere to these.

This comprehensive Code of Conduct defines all relevant subject matters and applies to both NICO as well as to all other companies in the NICO Group.