Catalyst handling - fast cooling down

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Fast cooling down

The cooling system named Nicool, begins working when the reactor reaches a temperature of around 150-200° C, after the stripping and cooling phase with hydrogen. Once the equipment is installed, spargers are connected to the reactor, through which liquid nitrogen is injected fed by tankers through pumper.

The rapid cooling takes place according to a verified and tested procedure that continues up to when the temperature of the reactor goes below 40° C. The reactor can be, therefore, delivered for the execution of the following phases (Handling) with a reduction of the cooling times and therefore to stop.

The development of such technology, is born from the demand of the clients to reduce the shutdown time. The use of the cooling system Nicool, has allowed Erg in 2007 to reduce with over twenty-four hours the time anticipated for the stop of the plant Gofiner. The possibility to be able to coordinate and to perform different activities, set in the Time Sheet of Refinery in succession among them allows to reduce notably also the transit time among an activity and another one.